Data Gaps

Everyone gets to life as far as possible. Everyone has a point where they stop and get stuck. This is the limit you can’t cross, no matter how much effort you make.

Determination is not enough, hard or harder work is not enough, resignation, discipline, self-evisceration are not enough. We will get as far as the data we are thinking about allows it. The limit of our lives is the limit of our data.

In order to get further, we must first recognize that the obstacle is not self-restraint, punishment, others’ abominations, but a lack of data. The only way to move forward is to change the data gap, which is the basic problem. Data gaps can be remedied by reading, talking, studying, analyzing. New data will be useless and harmful. But the key to moving forward is undoubtedly one of the new data. Any unsolvable problem is unavailable because one or more thoughts are missing to solve it. To solve this problem, we need thoughts, that we do not have.

Join us! Today.

Stupidity, helplessness, cluelessness, failure, defeat, all mean the same thing in every area of ​​life: lack of data. They mean nothing else.

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