Influencers are becoming the idols of brands?

As far as marketing is concerned and if today there it is great, it would be influencer marketing is be great too. Campaigns with influencers can be very effective and it has been demonstrated, but they require a studied strategy and good planning.When a brand decides to invest in influencer marketing, it looks for three main benefits:

⦁ Increase notoriety
⦁ A connection with the target audience.
⦁ Web traffic improvement.
⦁ Increase in sales.

Of course, choosing the right influencers for the campaign becomes essential if they want to get these benefits and have a successful campaign. Something that brands are increasingly choosing in their influencer’s strategy is to include this type of marketing when launching a product. The reason for that is simple, it will help increase the reach and achieve greater brand awareness.

FEDEZ (@fedez)

Many influencers are almost in the category of celebrities, even so, they are still more credible for the public and the brands. As we said, they are being chosen to be campaigns heroes, in which we used to see famous stars of the World of cinema or sports. The funny thing is that, influencer marketing is evolving in such a way, that, as before it used to be singers launching their own perfumes or collections, now, the influencers are the heroes. Not only they are in charge of the promotion, but also for the creation. More and more influencers are working with brands for the launch of a product or a collection within the firm itself.

What are the brand benefits?

Partnering with a successful influencer ensures brands a better broadcasting of their campaign and almost 100%, increase in sales. Fashion and beauty are sectors that use most this type of strategies. Today, we talk about some of the most successful alliances between big brands and worldwide known influencer.

Hope for Renaissance-Brand Shout Out SOON!!!

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