The things you should know about marketing with influencers

Marketing with influencers is a form of marketing already known by everyone, for the ability to impact on the public and users of social networks. We live permanently connected to our social networks and we receive hundreds of impression through our Feed and, or timeline. facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube have become our direct connection with celebrities, bloggers, and experts.
Now that everything is within the reach of a click, the actions, the interactions, the impact is very different from how it was done some time ago. It is no longer enough to have an impact on a wide target, but we are looking for impressions that connect with the users who are interested in our brand and also leave a positive experience. Now brands create value through different proposals and marketing techniques and one of the ones that are working best is Marketing with Influencers.

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What are the characteristics of influencers?

Influencers are not only accounts with many followers, they are people who know their audience very well and know how to interact with it. Their opinion conveys credibility to their followers and their messages tend to have a very high impact.
They are so influential that their opinions and views affect brands, products or services positively or negatively. Influencers can be classified by different types of profiles and stand out by knowledge, skill or talent, in the field in which they are specialized.

What types of influencers are most common?

Opinion leaders

They recommend products or services, because of the experience they have had with them. One of their main characteristics is the prestige and credibility of their messages.
Opinion leaders tend to be specialists in their sector and their publications are generally intended to advise and make life easier for those who listen to them.

The Celebrities

Celebrities are followed by millions of people on their social networks. When brands choose them to collaborate with them in some of their campaigns is because they want to have a massive diffusion when promoting their products and accessories.


These influencers are dedicated to testing new products to make reviews and recommend them or not to their followers. They are very aware of trends to make predictions about what will happen to the products or brands they talk about on their social networks.

The Niche Experts

This group is the one in which marketing with influencers works the most. They are usually bloggers, Youtubers or instagramers very popular in specific sectors, many of them are almost eminent in their niche and also stand out for having a great ability to communicate with their audience.

How to market with influencers?

Aspects to take into account before choosing an influencer:

What interaction do you have with your community?

What topics interest you and what do you usually talk about?

What kind of content do you publish?

Are your values related to those of the product or brand?

In which social network are you most active?

What is the profile of your followers?

There are many types of actions that you can perform in a campaign with influencers to obtain different benefits for your brand, from reviews to takeovers in events. Depending on your objective and your audience you can design a strategy in which the influencer creates videos, photos, interviews, among many other things.

I know well that influencer marketing has multiple benefits for brands because it generates interaction, reputation, and personalized content. Also, influencer advertising is less invasive than traditional, as it does not intrude so intrusively into our daily lives.

The most genuine content that exists is that of users and this is often produced exclusively as a response to content. The marketing has changed completely since the arrival of the influencers because now users can decide what kind of content we want and when we want to see it much more easily.

Influencer marketing has changed our habits, now we choose who to follow and decide to mention the brands we like. Also, we are actively looking for recommendations of products that have caught our attention and, before buying, we look for reviews, or unboxings of the product to be more informed.

We pay attention to the tone used by brands and give importance to the honesty of advertising campaigns. Marketing with influencers is perceived in a much more emotional and human way because we know that behind the post, videos, and reviews there is someone like us.

Influence marketing will probably continue to grow, as social networks continue to gain users and as communication channels expand.

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