The Valhalla

The Viking warrior manages to attack the enemy that is overpowered with insanity, is not afraid, does not mind anything. At the end of the battle, dying in his bowels, he lies on the blood-soaked ground, laughing eagerly waiting for death. He goes to Valhalla, where he will take his place in the battle for his performance in the battle.

What will happen to him after his death is another matter. Maybe nothing. Maybe there’s another life ahead. Perhaps he will be confronted with an almighty being who is held accountable for violating a morality he has never heard of in his life. And maybe something quite different awaits him, something that no religion mentions.

In the television series Vikings, religious opposition is emphasized. The Vikings would agree with the English and the French, but despise them because they are Christians because they believe in false doctrine and do not get to Valhalla. The English and the French would agree with the Vikings but despise them because they are not Christians because they believe in false doctrine and do not reach heaven. They need each other, they need to teach each other, they can live in peace, but they can’t because they believe in another.

The real masters of the economy, politics and violence also believe in something. What do they believe in? What kind of religion can they have?
If the money is so much that nothing enough expensive, if the power is so great that nothing has consequences, then what is still motivate them? What is the religion they believe in that motivates them to do what they do right?

Or maybe there’s no religion up there, nothing to believe because they know the truth up there?

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