The real personality

When someone is in a state of emergency, they have no choice and their personality does not appear. If you choose between two options, your personality will hide in the background. The more choices you have, the more dominant your personality will be.

It is said that power corrupts man, absolute power absolutely corrupts. In fact, it does not spoil, defile, but brings to the surface its true personality, which has been obscured by the pressures of the environment.

If you choose between two options, your personality will hide in the background

If one can make any decision in whatever way he or she does not have any detrimental consequences for him or her, his or her personality will appear in its entirety and his or her choice will exclusively reflect that.

In society, it is only in the rarest cases that we see someone’s true personality. People live their lives without ever appearing themselves, making any decision that was free from obsession.

Free imagination gives us some insight into our own reality.

Our imaginations often only refer to our true oppressed personality. If somebody offends, we may expose them to the most serious abuse, but that doesn’t mean we really do it in reality. Imaginative abuse can only be a mental valve, but it is certain that, in absolute power, the resentment of the resentment due to the insult would break out in some form. Maybe we would scream at the person who hurt us, maybe we would ask for reparation, maybe we would cross it to some extent, and maybe we would actually head over.

Self-knowledge derived from our free imaginations is good for seeing how far our behavior is from our personality, our lives from ourselves. Stress is a reaction to pressure. Stress is reduced when we approach our behavior towards our personality, by adjusting our lives to ourselves.

When we dream of a goal that inspires in itself, our personality is realized. Purpose becomes a compelling force that puts pressure on us, diminishes our ability to make decisions, and obscures our real personality. As a result, a goal has no value unless it leads to greater freedom of decision and traps us if we do not realize it.

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