Games with no rules?

No games can exist without rules. All rules are made and maintained so that a game can exist. Restrictions, regulations, laws are all rules of the game that make a game possible.

Those who play a game really hate two types of people: cheaters and trolls. In poker, the cheater is the one who holds some of the stronger cards hidden in his sleeve, and the troll is the one who grabs a deck or chips off the table and runs away with it. The cheaters just pretend to play, and the trolls work to ruin the game.

No games can exist without rules

Those who interfere with the game try to keep it out of the way by various means and methods. Walls, fences, locks, threats prevent them from getting close to the game or give it another game that distracts them. Such other play can be, for example, prison sentence. When we think about it in depth, we realize that creating, maintaining, defending, removing or eliminating distractions has determined the entire history of our civilization.

We also find in our own personal lives that our passion for various games determines our lives, and nothing excites us such as cheaters and trolls.

Whoever interferes in social play is taken out of society and put in prison. Because there are rules in jail, so is the game. Anyone who interferes with the prison game will try to discipline it with further punishments, such as being put in solitary confinement. Anyone who violates the rules of solitary confinement will be punished by the imposition of further rules, assault, torture or execution.

So the pattern is to create games and protect games. Because of the scammers and trolls, we are finding smaller and smaller and smaller games to remove them from near our game. What if the origin of this phenomenon goes back a long way?

What if society itself is already a smaller game, which is the punishment for disrupting a bigger one? What if the Earth itself is a punishment? What if the body itself is a punishment? What if limited thinking is a punishment? What if being homo sapiens is a punishment we got because we were cheated or trolled somewhere else, on a higher level of existence?

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