The (AI) and subjective time

AI (Artificial Intelligence) works at a subjective time that is not related to human timing. AI can subject to 2.5 million years of scientific research in subjective time, and it can be 1 second in our time. So they turn on AI, then turn it off immediately, and jumped 2.5 million years in science in 1 second between the two movements.

One of the (and most frequently mentioned) possible causes of the emergence of technological singularity is the emergence of the super advanced, i.e. more intelligent, human AI. In this case, singularity is a boundary in the time we serve and after which we can no longer make assumptions because the subjective time AI can make 2.5 million years in scientific development in 1 second. This can open up perspectives that undoubtedly make the opportunities and changes after the moment of singularity impossible.

Spoken languages ​​are evolving and distorted. The causes of change include cultural influences, the development of technology and science, the means of communication, and other factors. In 2.5 million years, any language spoken today would change to unrecognizable. Perhaps 2.5 million years later, English would not be the same as the word in any word and rule.

What if AI, in his 2.5 million year-long research on subjective time, concludes that no human language is sufficiently effective for science and inventes a new language based on a new grammar, based on some logical principles?

When deciding on an ancient language, it is assumed that there are identities in grammar, and between the people of that time and the way of life of the people of today. The text of a foreign civilization would be explored on the basis that the development of biological needs, community existence, organized society, science and technology puts demands on language that can be found in human languages.

However, AI is not a biological or a social entity. In addition, mathematics is dependent on language and not all observations and thoughts can be recorded with mathematics.

One day, the super advanced AI is born, it takes 2.5 million years of scientific research in 1 second and then publishes the result.

How will we understand it? How much time?

What if the super advanced AI brings the technological singularity, but only for itself, and what will we not notice?

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