Age of the 6th industrial revolution

There will be six industrial revolutions in the history of mankind, the seventh it will never come, because the industry will cease. The sixth is only a mist, because the social and political issues are forces it.

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The first Industrial revolution was built on the steam engine, the second for the conveyor work, third industrial revolution was the world of information technology, and the forth for digitalization.

We are now living in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. The point is digitalization: the whole world is connected in the virtual space, it is no time and no distance, anything is happening now and right here. Its core technologies are AI (Artificial intelligence), the Internet of Things, the Big Data and 5G.

The fifth industrial revolution age is the age of “smart industry”. The smart industry is the next generation of our present industry. The fourth industrial revolution is decisive technology as follows: AI is a controlled industry, that does not make excessive influence, only a small load on the environment.

The sixth Industrial revolution is the revolution of the individual influence, the “personal industry”. This is the age of (3D), which is the industry itself. Mammoth industry, which is meant the factory itself, the mass production ceases: personal items, tools, clothes, cars, what we need, custom designed by us, we print out in our residential area.

The sixth Industrial age should be in the economy soon. The mammoth industry and they owners, the real Emperors of the economy in the Global civilization. They will not give up their power until they are installed. This “misty vision” is not make happened, not then and not now. In fact, it doesn’t have to be for the sixth era of industry, because the “mist” is not moving away.

Development and the social and political issues is at war, that accompanies our entire history.

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