What is love?

What is love? It is not so easy to answer this question at all. We often accuse each other of not loving or no longer, or not enough. So, what is love? Love means that we consider someone more important to ourselves. Usually, people say that. What it means? Do we subordinate ourselves to someone? Will we sacrifice for you, give up something that would benefit us?

Are we working to get it done? What if we are not worthless, neither our goals nor our abilities? What if objectively speaking, for the whole of society as a whole, is our goals, capabilities, and abilities more valuable? Or what if they want to? If two loving people are equally subordinated to each other, what will happen to them?

No, love is not it. Love actually means that we consider someone to be more important than the evil within us. We protect him from the indignation within us, feelings of illness, adversity, pain, fear, anger, despair and craziness. We will not allow them to come out of us and reach him. Where is the point where we are willing to do harm in the other, with words or with force? Where is the point where we no longer want to defend ourselves from the evil we are in?

The test of love is that when the temper takes our mind, or the fear fades, can we still defend the one we love: from ourselves? This is Love. In fact, it is. Heavy, trying man, but it makes sense. There is no illness, no repentance, no serious consequences, irrationalism, self-denial, and no harm to individuals or society. Indeed.

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