We can only take responsibility for what we control and to the extent that we are able to control it.
Someone who is unable to drive a car cannot take responsibility for how he leads. He can take responsibility for not sitting behind the wheel. Someone who is an excellent driver has a high level of responsibility for what he does in traffic. If his car get broken, his responsibility as a driver is not to repair it, but to not start with it.

The person who orders is responsible for issuing the order, who pulls the trigger, is responsible for pulling the trigger, and these roles cannot be replaced: the person who issues the order is not responsible for pulling someone else’s trigger pulls the trigger, not responsible for someone else’s order.
When someone is appointed as a responsible person who is unable to make decisions, he is actually called a scapegoat.

There is a trick that has been catching thousands of people for thousands of years. They are told to take responsibility for something they can’t control, such as starving people, humanity, the world, nature, anything so huge that they can’t catch it and give them something they claim to be is a tool to control events, but what really doesn’t work.

So, many of these well-deserved people will be condemned to sweep out their entire life in the belief that they have taken responsibility for something they didn’t actually contact.

They are kneeling with knees in the cold and crying to their minds, or by burning eyes with stomach and drowsiness in the business of someone who doesn’t matter to them and think that matters. But that doesn’t matter.
We are constantly working on a variety of shapes for free, who lie to us that with the work we do, we take responsibility for something bigger than us. But the tool they put into our hands is ineffective. That tool is really good for something else.

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