Man is not part of the evolution

Evolution responds to the challenges of the environment with generational changes, which is the driving force behind evolution.

In order for the evolution to work, to experience, to develop, to react, to experiment, to incorporate new functions, anatomical formulas, it is necessary that biological organisms be affected, multiply, and die.

Almost every animal in nature is dying of death and is consumed by each animal.

The evolutionary sense of aging is that the strongest animal is so weakened that they can eat it. The meaning of illnesses is that.

Plant species use weather and animals to extend their life cycle. The seed of the consumed plant passes through the digestive tract without damage and is returned to the ground with droppings, many miles away, to get stuck there. Even the duration of the digestive cycle serves this purpose.

In the animal kingdom, the species dominates the individual in all respects. In the flora, the word “individual” can hardly be interpreted. The existence of the individual is subordinated to species maintenance.

There are no priority animals in the animal kingdom. The leader of the wolves is no more than the animal on the bottom of the rankings. The bee queen is no longer important than the bee that searches for the flower, but the system has a different function.

In contrast, in humans the species does not dominate the person. A single person can cause extremely great harm to the whole species, and a single individual can increase the viability of the species by magnitude.

Intellect does the same thing that evolution (experiencing, responding, experimenting, developing) only works much faster, and thus has an incomparably better effect.

Man is not part of the evolution, it is not part of the food chain, it evolves with non-generational changes, but through a conscious sense. In man, disease, aging and death are system.

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