The frame


In a tense, crazy, upset social situation, the first thing to look at is what does a picture show without media? If we take out the pictures that we do not perceive, what we only know from television, radio, and the press, what do we get? Then we get the source of our stormy feelings from the media and not the reality. If only the list to be shipped, that temper disappears. The media is holding a world war in our minds, more opposing, fighting parties, of course, creating sympathy for one, and another direction, and this emotional tension attracts us to the news that we know that war, where, who they broke out where they were defeated. What we know without media is something quite different. What we can see is the following: people who are worrying, most interested, who are nervous about media reports. That’s great. Everything else is in the media, without the media and the media. Anyone who understands that the production of a media-interpreting district is a fall of the mind.

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