The golden age

At the top of the social food chain is the power center: government, court, ruler, or dictator. Has the highest decision-making role, determines the fate of social resources, but has no responsibility at all.

The Tower of London in the Norman times

By legal means, the power center cannot really be held responsible.

The legislation is drafted in such a way that it relieves the center. “The government endeavors …”, “the government should strive …”, “do everything in its power to …”, “strives to provide every opportunity …”. ”,“ Regards it as a task … ”and so on.

On the other hand, people living at lower levels of the social food chain have responsibilities that they either perform or sanction the power center.

The citizen has to pay so much, this and this has to be done here and here, it has to do this and that, and so on. You should not be able to deny an invoice, refuse international trends, your country or your own economic situation, other expenditures and activities, inflation, declining revenue, or any other reference. If you do not pay, you will be penalized, which may be electricity, gas, water blockage, recovery, eviction, imprisonment.

The power center is enough to strive for something that the citizen does not have enough to fulfill or punish.

The golden age begins when the power center also has its responsibilities and, in the event of non-fulfillment, an immediate and automatic penalty.

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