A system of community expectations

There is a hierarchy in every community that places the members of the group somewhere on the ladder. This hierarchy is valid only in that community and not outside it.

There is a hierarchy among students in a high school: somebody is in the top bar, someone is the lowest, and the majority is between the two.

If a filmmaker goes to this school to look for actors for his new film, he brings with him a system of expectations that do not match the school’s internal system. From his point of view, the hierarchy of the community is completely different, it is also possible to turn around.

The CEO is at the top of the corporate hierarchy. If they are locked in prison, where a completely different set of expectations is in place, maybe it is at the bottom of the ranking. This is also true, of course: the prisoner at the top of the prison hierarchy, downloading his punishment, returns to the society, takes a job in a company, and finds himself at the bottom of the hierarchy.

In a country, under the current legal system, the head of government, the head of state, the president, or the ruler is at the top of the hierarchy. When a foreign civilization’s ambassador arrives, his expectation system can deviate from local law to such an extent that political leaders may be completely uninterested and others are topped. In his eyes, the politician can be no one, someone is the scientist, the artist, or even a child.

Within an arbitrary community, the hierarchy is determined by internal expectations. What does it matter, how much do the members value? Often, it is very hard work to advance in the rankings, and sometimes it is not possible because of the lack of skills or capabilities.

The positions within the communities are relative. Someone who is at the top can believe that he is the emperor of life, has done his luck, put something on the table, then gets into another community, trying to get started and doesn’t understand why he’s not going. Another person’s life may be ruined by being in the lower part of the ranking and not being able to move up, maybe creating a self-image that ultimately determines his destiny, maybe suicide, maybe crazy.

In many cases, it is enough to change the community for success and self-esteem.

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