Total emotional control

From the beginning of the 1980s, the idea of full emotional control once in the future began to spread. According to the idea, a small structure implanted in the body will release the active substance into the bloodstream, which keeps the person in constant emotional tone. It is expected that this will eradicate violence, depression, catatonia, neurosis, and some types of psychosis. The plan has begun to be realized.

Crying Chinese Soldier

It is the millennium of emotional control is for humanity. Perfect inner peace and supreme serenity, whatever happens: these are the criteria of the enlightened wise. For the sake of purpose, from meditation to alcohol to drugs, everything was used.

In parallel, several companies are working on the solution. The structure is the smallest problem, the main problem is caused by the active substance: it must be in the body continuously for the desired result, therefore it is can be expected that it will not cause health damage. The area is increasingly being funded, and more attention is being paid to it.

The whole world is constantly dealing with emotional management, which makes sense of sweetness, alcohol, energy drink, caffeine, entertainment, various stimulants, drugs. The pick-up market is huge and completely open to a solution that provides 24-hour emotional excitement without side effects.

One of the trends of transhumanism has embraced the subject because it sees the deviant ups and downs of the drastically increased lifespan, its burnout, the hope of peace and the reduction of crime.

If there really are no side effects, it really provides a high level of persistence, then it will depend on the worldview of who lives with it and who does not. In general, it can be said to make private life more productive and pleasant, and as a result, society as a whole can rise. We can get scientists, artists, professionals back from the captivity of depression, mental injuries and mental illness, suicide disappears, stress, loneliness, and inferiority complexes virtually disappear.

Questions arise. If one loses his violent impulses, will he lose the ability to self-defense, to protect others? If so, what if a dangerous animal attacks you? What if they are attacked by people who do not use the structure? What if is one country been attack and the inhabitants are can’t be violent against the offensive?

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