The formation of a relationship

It is often heard that people are exasperatingly claiming that there are no normal men today, there are no normal women, and the new representation is terribly weak. In order to understand this problem, we need to look emotionally in an emotion-based area that we can do most easily if we take similarities from the business life.

What is private in our private life is organizational work, which is the formation of a relationship, HR. Take a company that takes someone to a position, fires a person shortly, takes someone else, fires it and it goes on for a long time, then declares that there is no normal workforce, people are no longer at the level that they can want for this easy job. When we look at what causes the problem, we find what they need and what they filtering, the result is not the same.

For example, a company needs a professional who is perfect in four languages, for German, French, English-Saxon and Italian business etiquette, has initiative, and team-player, trustworthy, loyal, holds deadlines and quality. The reason for the trouble is that the criteria system on which candidates are filtered does not find such professionals. To take a banal, yet lifelike example, they need a specialist, but they are looking for a mechanic, and then complain that the mechanic is unable to handle what he would expect from his job.

The relationship is exactly what someone is looking for and what they need is not the same. The criteria system contains items that are actually irrelevant or harmful, and there are not many important criteria on the list. Expect something from a person that was not an aspect of it, completely meaningless, and an endless source of conflict.

So it is not really that there are no normal men and normal women today, but that the filter, the criteria system under which sorting is going on, is wrong, incomplete, and not found by those who should.

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