Aging is the product of modern age. In most of our history, this phenomenon did not exist, we could not have described it, defined it, or imagine it. Everything that surrounded us was infinite, everlasting and everlasting.

For the man of antiquity and of the Middle Ages, the idea that time was taking place did not exist. A man was born, saw the world in his childhood, and when he died, the world was still the same. His children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grandchildren were born into the same world and died of the same. In the millions of years of prehistoric times, in the millennia of ancient times, and in the Middle Ages, the world was very simple around us. The changes took place immensely slowly, no substantial changes occurred at all. The life strategies of a particular social stratum or caste continued to overwhelm the huge periods, measured in historical terms.

The escalation and extinction of wars, revolutions, epidemics, dynasties did not change the way people could live their lives and prosper. The teachings, traditions, family traditions have lived in ages, even ages, that have remained in place for all generations, have helped children and adults, women and men to place themselves in the world. The evolution of science and technology has changed history in many ways. Time and distance have come together, cycles that seem to be infinite, and cycles are becoming shorter.

Inventions, developments, innovations were not for infinite time, not for ages, ages, series of human ages, but for a limited interval. The obsolescence appeared, the notion that “time was over” appeared. It’s all obsolete. Even our thoughts. We need to change with the development of science and technology. The biggest challenge is to grow up again and again.

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