The game

There is a game in our head that determines our life and in which we have no say. The main feature of this game is that it has an unlimited impact on us, and we have no effect on it. We are not players, we are the ones they play with us. This is actually a description of the System. We can try to revolt against the System in various ways. We can decide not to buy anything in a particular store or to put our feet in the cities; Our lives can also be understood as the totality of the individuals and things we pay attention to. This results in a closed circle that we treat as a priority. When the outside world breaks into this closed circle, we get it very shocked. I knew someone who, with his own eyes, saw the fall of the twin towers in New York. He said that he had an immense shock on people’s faces when they realized that the world was continuing beyond their lives. At the time of the Manhattan Project, one of the bombs was tested by a couple of people who had been living in a confined small island for a long time. They certainly were very surprised when they realized that the world wasn’t the island. The System does not want to force us to live in cities and shop in grocery stores. Its purpose is just to set our destiny and reach it even if we live our whole life alone in a cave, denying our desires, repeating one word. The System plays with us. The only way we can change our destiny on this planet is to get into this game. We need to become a player rather than a man, no other way.

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