The expertise

More and more professions are developing a constantly growing dilettante layer that sells itself to an expert using a few technical terms. First of all, there are only a few copyers who can look for real professionals without money, ready to make money, then over time, they will be more and more until they will be many times the actual experts in the field. The majority see these dilettants as they are cheaper and aggressively advertise themselves. Some of the stuck occasionally misused professional terms, the tiny, read, seen, accidentally found, professional catch, impress those who know nothing about the subject. Then come the problems, the difficulties, the disappointments. The majority of people in more and more professions are primarily in contact with these dilettantes, and the increased harassment they cause and the suspicious attitude towards expertise make it difficult for real professionals to become successful. Informatics, education, marketing, healing, and art are particularly contaminated areas where the number of dilettants is many times the number of real experts. The fact that an unprecedented number of fraudsters are giving themselves to the professional, by increasingly looking at the world of expertise that is not worth much and not really important, is the problem that in reality, everything depends on expertise.

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