The one man

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Assume that society is a man, the mind of this man is the media, memories, and compulsive thoughts that are seen in the media. What is this man like?

Constantly bad things happen to him, around him, everywhere he is threatened by threats. Horrible events are remembered year after year so that you can not forget the horrors.

The cute bear born in the zoo and the relatively good performance of an athlete represents joy in a race. How can this man’s personality be?

He is probably afraid, worried, anxious, dark to see the world, the future, humanity. His goals are tiny, as he is delighted in such a terrible environment if he can attain tomorrow at all, though he is less and less able to explain why he wants to live. He seeks on security, closes, interprets interest, helpless intent, and identifies it as an attack, as darkness in his mind is conditioned on it.

Media is our common mind. We are connected, daily download content from the media into our own mind, and some of us regularly upload content from our own mind to the common mind. I upload content from my mind to our common mind with this article that you download into your mind when you read it.

The responsibility of the media lies with the responsibility of governments.

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